June 5, 2021

Oh Sh*t Part 3: 0-15

Patrica is on again, this time she and her new brother Bo chats about meeting each other for the first time and how all the joy took over. Patrica also about the surprise in finding her father. There is a lot of emotions in this episode so you better have your tissue ready. Oh and 15 siblings?


If you want to see the video, copy and paste this YouTube link in your browser: https://youtu.be/T5L1Q4gIe-Y

Rob Mooney entered the foster care system at age six, changing homes twenty times before aging out eighteen. Notwithstanding his traumatic and unstable childhood, he chose to be successful – earning degrees in finance and law before receiving international recognition for his expertise in his field of practice. Rob left the practice of law to spend time with his wife and five children, and to share his story with youth in foster care with the hope to inspire them to choose a better life.  His first book, published in July 2020, A Foster Kid’s Road To Success, is written directly to teens in foster care, and shares the six essential principles teens in care need to understand and internalize in order to succeed after aging out.  Generous donors have purchased thousands of copies of A Foster Kid’s Road To Success to be delivered to foster teens and the organizations that serve them.  Book donations can be made at www.robertpkmooney.com, and requests for donated copies can be sent to author@robertpkmooney.com

This the last episode of the series. We will continue with the podcast channel and will be taking special requests when the opportunity presents itself. If you want to be on the podcast and share your story, we will always be here and will give you that opportunity. 


I want to thank everyone for their support, we really appreciate you. Stay Safe!

February 24, 2021

Episode: 23 “218 Amherst”

Kevin B. talks a little bit about his foster care experiences and how he turned some negativities into positivities.

January 29, 2021

Episode 22: Why Me!

Kevin chats about why was he the one that had to be adopted etc.

Ginger Baerg is a wife, mother, and high school math teacher. God called Ginger and her husband, Dustin, to grow their family by fostering and adopting. Over the past seven years, the Baerg family has fostered six kids, and have adopted two, becoming a family of seven! Book Summary: Nick loves his quilt because each patch represents a member of his family. Their love stitches them together like patchwork. My Patchwork Family is a beautiful story of a family sewn together through foster care and adoption.

Links for Ginger's Book:






Kevin B. gets together with his cousins who he met on AncestryDNA. Cousin Bobbi and Cousin Sandra were very instrumental in helping Kevin find his biological family.

November 22, 2020

Episode 19 “Oh Sh*t Part 2

Patricia Spencer will be joining us again for part 2 of her adoption story. Last time we heard what she found out about her biological family. It was a cliff hanger! This week we're going to pick up where she left off and follow her journey to where she is now.

Patricia Spencer is an adoptee who only recently began her journey to find her biological family. She never planned to look for her bio-family until a friend revealed some shocking information about bio-parents. But, she also always said that if her biological family ever found her she would welcome them into her life. She currently lives on the other side of the country from where she was raised. An Army veteran who currently works for the federal government, she has two biological children of her own and helped her husband raise his two children in their blended family. Her story contains a lot of twists and turns and she is here to share all of it with us.

November 7, 2020

Episode 17 “#NAAM”

Kevin does a quick chat on "National Adoption Awareness Month." He gives a little insight into how he feels and some of his memories.

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